There, we’ve decided

Well, it took a long time, but my wife and I finally decided to go for the Bolero.  Late last year we started thinking about a new car.  Our Mira Gino is over ten years old and coming up for its next check-up. With the arrival of our baby last year, we’re now a four person family with  the occasional need for an extra seat in the car. And we wanted something with a bit more power than the little 600cc Gino.

Our parking space is just 180cm wide, so our choices were limited.  It came down to the Toyota Passo, the Nissan March or Bolero, the Honda Fit or the Mazda Demio.

It was the retro good looks, and the top-of-class fuel efficiency that kept us coming back to the Bolero.

Sure, the Passo had a unique interior with all kinds of little conveniences for the weekend shopping runs.  But it didn’t have any sex appeal.  The Bolero, we think, is a car you can look at and feel good about.

So the weekend just past we headed down to the dealer to sign the forms and pay a deposit.  It’ll take about a month to arrive.

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